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Birthstone is a gemstone associated with the date of one's birth. The wearing of Birthstone is commonly thought to bring good luck and health.
Before mineralogy had progressed to the point of chemical analysis, color was of greater importance than some of the other physical characteristics, and little distinction was made between emerald and chrysoprase, for example, or between ruby and garnet, or between citrine and topaz. When it came to the ability to heal or bring good luck, the actual stone and the look-alikes were regarded as equally effective.

Month Gem Color
January garnet Dark-red
February amethyst Violet
March aquamarine Pale Blue
April diamond Colorless
May emerald, malachite Bright green
June alexandrite Reddish green
July ruby, spinel Crimson
August chrysolite, nephrite Yellowish green
September sapphire, lapis lazuli Dark-blue
October opal, jasper Multicolored
November topaz, amber Yellow
December turquoise Azure




Home Gemstones iii Your gemstone

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