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Horoscope: Leo

March 21-April 19

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July 23-Aug. 22


Leo's common features:

Element: Fire
Ruler: Sun
The main gemstone:
Personal qualities: Self assertive. Playful. Sexual and loving. Pleasure seeking. Chance taking. Athletic.

Leo's specific features:

People born in the period of July 23 - August 1 are influenced by Saturn. They are strong, mystical, passionate. Leonians don't like a loneliness and compulsion.
Lucky stones: aventurine, rock crystal , moonstone, nephrite , obsidian, cornelian , sodalite, tigers eye, jasper.
Important years: 19, 39, 57, 76.

People born in the period of August 2 - August 11 are influenced by Jupiter. They are punctilious, reasonable, and captious. They are clever at arithmetic.
Lucky stones: jade, cat's-eye, onyx, opal, sardonyx, citrine, amber.
Important years: 19, 36, 40, 57, 76.

People born in the period of August 12 - August 22 are influenced by Mars. They are strong, authoritative, have a respect for authorities and officials. They combine intellect with power.
Lucky stones: alexandrite, jacinth, garnet, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, diamond, emerald, topaz, chrysolite, zircon.
Important years: 15, 19, 30, 35, 36, 57, 60, 76.

Leo and Health

Leo's are full of life and lead a hectic life. They love the luxuries in life and that includes rich food and wine. Too much of this however is bad for the heart and Leonians can suffer from heart problems, they should pay attention to any signs of chest pains or palpitations.
The back and brittle bones are also an area of concern so Leonians should tread carefully when it comes to putting on weight. Sight can also be affected in later years.
Body parts and organs: Heart, dorsal spine and nerves, spleen and blood circulation.
Diseases: Organic heart trouble, backache and dizziness.

Leo and Wealth

Leo's like to create their own style and are very individualistic in the work place. They love the limelight and they hate to share attention. They love to achieve their own visions and dislike being told what to do. A Leo boss is usualy loyal and strives to make their employees feel good about what they do thus enhancing the work environment.
Typical careers include: Management, Sport, Fashion, Film Making.
They are good as Actors, Athletes, Rulers, Gamblers. s

Leo and Love

Love is a massive attraction for the Leos, representing ultimate fulfillment. However, this can lead to being 'inlove with love' , whereupon they give love because they enjoy the gratitude and respect of the loved one. Leos do not like having to humble themselves for love, neither do they understand its true meaning or how to make sacrificies themselves.

Leo's Compatibility

Leo is most compatible with: Gemini and Libra.
Leo is fairly compatible with: Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius
Leo is least compatible with: Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

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