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Select your perfect stone to match a color of your eyes.

An evident way to suit a jewelry is to combine it harmoniously with an appearance, mostly with eyes.

The expressiveness of greenish-gray eyes is quite emphasized by the greenish shades of the stones: agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, uvarovite - green variety of garnet , malachite, chrysoprase.

The chrysolite especially suits the pistachio eyes.

Hazel eyes wonderfully harmonize with cornelian and with dark amber.

Golden topaz, heliotrope, orange jacinth go well with goldish eyes.

Flickering eyes are best emphasized with sparkling stones - as a cat's-eye or a tiger's-eye.

The gemstones of intense tones are suitable for black eyes: bright-blue turquoise, coral, emerald, amethyst.

Blue eyes are well matched with not so much as blue stones as with complementary colors - orange and golden. Zircon, Imperial topaz, opal, obsidian, moonstone, an orange variety of garnet, coral, citrine, chrysolite, aventurine and alexandrite - they are all excellent for blue eyes.

Very bright, "icy" eyes gain radiance and luster in the comparison with the diamonds of pure water. The following stones and gems are also highly recommended for this type of eyes: a transparent rock crystal , a transparent pale blue topaz and aquamarine, lilac-pale amethyst and pale green chrysolite.

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