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We are surrounded by a variety of stones, we have always been. Stones were first toys of ancient children, the fire was lightened with stones, humankind probably learned to count using stones.

Amethyst Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times, and have long been used for jewelry. Our complete encyclopedia tells about chemical and physical properties of different minerals and gemstones, and their origins.
Lapis Lazuli

You will find a good advice about care and treatment of your jewelry. Before buying anniversary gift learn most appropriate gemstone for this occasion. Meet with your birthstone and discover your perfect gemstone. The description of each stone is accompanied with large selection of pictures, along with the information given in the shopping guide, is of great assistance in an identification of a genuine gemstone.

Opal And how much do you know about mystical and healing powers of different stones? It was well-known in ancient times when suffering from insomnia, place a beautiful amethyst under the pillow to get a calm and peaceful sleep. Garnet was believed to offer protection to the traveler. Our detailed encyclopedia tells all about healing and mystical abilities of gemstones.






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The most complete encyclopedia of precious and semiprecious stones. All you want to know about gemstones.

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Discover your perfect gemstone. Select a stone according to the horoscope and to your zodiacal sign. Find a list of wedding anniversary gifts.



Home Gemstones iii Your gemstone

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